Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Sixteenth Birthday

The old home movie jittered a bit sometimes

But, you could see her walk in the room

The birthday girl in all of her finery

Thinking she owned the world and she did

Three-inch pointy-toed heels and a dark pink dress

Not a hair out of place on her head

The brightness of the film made her likeness fade

But, she had left her impression

Spoiled by two parents who loved her more than life

She was smug and still shy all at once

It was her birthday and she was sweet sixteen

No one ever looked better, she thought

The film flutters again and we see her face

Smiling at her adoring family

This sixteen-year old girl was so very lucky

Everyone understood her so well

It’s quite an experience to see yourself

The way you were and how you acted

Funny, I don’t even remember the pink dress

Just the huge curlers for that hairdo

I sit and watch this film over and over

Wondering about the day and times

Crying over the parents who looked so grand

I’m that girl again .. and, still .. sixteen

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