Wednesday, January 07, 2009

When Regency Mall was COOL!

It was billed as heaven
Back in sixty-seven
When a new mall opened its doors

All our favorites were there
Sitting there in a square
We could park and shop and adore

People climbed in their cars
From close by and afar
To check out this new shopping place

Ladies with gloves and hats
Had to be “where it’s at”
This new mall got a grand embrace

Yet, the story is told
They were there for the cold
Air conditioning was sublime

They had none back at home
They were now free to roam
This “cool” didn’t cost them a dime

Back in sixty-seven
It was shopping heaven
Worth skipping class at the high school

When we first heard of Malls
Wow, did we have a ball!
Back when Regency Mall was “cool!”
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