Friday, October 24, 2008

The Economy is bad. . or, is it?

The economy is in a tailspin
Or, maybe it’s not so bad
This recession is really quite normal
Or, the worst we’ve ever had

I should buy stock while the price is so low
Or, sit on my mattress filled green
Plan now to spend less for the holidays
Or, order online like a queen!

I should take out a loan to buy a new house
But, no one will give me a loan
I shouldn’t fret ‘cause the gas price is down
But, it would be wise to stay home

Maybe I read too much in all of this
Or, perhaps I don’t read enough
Maybe I should trust all the pundits
Or, are they’re just calling my bluff?

Spend cash! It’s great for the economy!
Are there any lessons offered?
Go out for dinner to a fancy place
Stay home and micro some Stouffers

There are lots of boarded up factories
Coffee shops wherever you go
Where drones stand in line for over an hour
Paying big bucks for all that “joe”

Some say wait until we get a new Prez
Some say it doesn’t quite matter
Actually, I’m not sure what I should think
I’m leaning towards the latter
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