Sunday, January 31, 2010


Life comes along in drips and drabs
As you sit around on your butt
What new and exciting is there
To help you get out of your rut?

What have you thought you’d like to do
If ever there was enough time?
I bet you can think of some things
While I continue with this rhyme!

You could make something with your hands
Like jewelry or knitting yarn
You could call a friendly farmer
With an offer to “muck” his barn!

What about writing poetry?
You’ve got it in you, I would bet!
Don’t start saying you don’t know how!
You haven’t even tried it yet!

How about taking a few classes?
Learn a trade or something brand new
It will bring out your very best
And, you’ll be really proud of you

So, don’t sit around and wonder
Find something that means a whole lot
And, pretty soon you’ll be smiling
So happy with all that you’ve got!

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