Friday, August 24, 2007


The girls loved to talk about Charlene
She brought it all on herself
The way she giggled passin’ the boys
Just might make you puke yourself

When Charlene showed up at the party
You could say that topped it all
Especially since she was on the arm of
Her unmitigated gall

No invitation was ever sent
She felt she didn’t need it
‘Course the look she got from all the girls
Could bend a Dewalt blade bit

Of all the gall to waltz right in
Thinking she was hot stuff
The fellas all stared like big horned owls
It was time to call her bluff

Your invitation arrived, Charlene!
I’m so glad to see you here!
I hope you remembered, dear Charlene
I asked for SIX cases of beer

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Saturday, August 11, 2007


A very nice water lily sitting in a pond
I thought I’d take a picture
Zooming in very tight to see it close
I captured it right there

Days went by and I never looked at it
Still sitting in my camera
Soon forgotten and blended with other ones
Pictures to see some time soon

Time on my hands helped me remember it
I wondered about the pic
So I put the cable into the computer
And, watched as the pictures moved

There before me was such awesome beauty
No picture .. a grand painting!
Streaks of watercolors bathed over it
The lily was brought to life!

How did I take such an amazing shot?
I’m no great photographer
Perhaps Mother Nature knows cameras
And, the water lily’s smile

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