Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A woman showed up at my door today
Headed right for the mirror in the hall
Folks had said that I would see her at some point
But, I didn’t recognize her at all

She seemed fairly rushed as she past right by me
Then, she leaped through the glass of reflection
Stunned as I was, I just had to take a look
Yet unable to make the connection

She had changed to an old lady in gray
And, smiled to reveal her missing front teeth
I stared as she laughed while grabbing her wig
To show her flowing brown hair underneath

Her face was smooth and her eyes shown quite bright
I rubbed my own since I could not believe!
Was she a grandmother from long ago?
Who was she really trying to deceive?

Checking her look was all that she wanted
It was then that I learned she was not kind
She stopped quick and stared me down like a cat
It was indeed my face she had maligned

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