Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Writing explained

What does it take to write a line
And, have it make some sense
How do I make them fall in line
And, not sound quite so dense
Do I create for days on end
Struggling with the rhyming
Or, do I write real fast and SEND
No thought of the timing?
People will ask me from to time
To explain what all I do
How do I go from rhyme to rhyme
And, still make sense to you?
After spending some time in thought
I’ve come to realize
It’s not the writing that I was taught
It’s the reading in your eyes.
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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hi and welcome to Scarlet's Rhymes!

I'm new to the blogging world. So bear with me while I try to figure things out!I plan on sharing a lot of poetry and pictures here. And, who knows what else might strike my fancy! :-)

Sunrise at Jacksonville Beach, Florida.
An inspiring picture for any writer !


Ahhh.. another day at the beach
A perfect one indeed.
The beauty just beyond my reach
Yet I find what I need.

The pier reaches out to touch the shore
And, it makes me feel so grand
I’ll want to linger even more
If we walk there hand in hand.

Fishermen sit and watch the waves
Do they ever catch a thing?
Or, is it time alone they crave?
To listen to the seagulls sing!

Take my hand let’s see what’s there
For you and I to see..
Will we lose all of our cares..
As we walk by the sea?

Just like life .. a walk on the shore
Will offer you many different things.
The sand.. the wind.. the waves .. much more
Just listen to hear your heart sing!