Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Flatlander's Happy Point

For a flatlander, this was my Mt. Everest
To climb a Smokey Mountain trail
Seen many times in the bright light of day
Carefully walking now at dusk

Reaching towards the spot called Happy Point
Where many a hiker had been
Looking down on the valley of fresh fog
Expertly painted clouds below

With flashlights in hand on a night mission
Happy Point was a step away
When over the mountain a bright light peeped
A rush to find the perfect spot

The full moon rose in all of its glory
Breathing stopped atop Happy Point
A name perfectly conceived and given
A place that will always be so

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pop's Tampa Nuggets

It was not in the best of shape as he
Retrieved it from the desk drawer
Yet when he opened the box to show me
All that he had saved – he grinned

Bands were in the Tampa Nugget box he
Held firm with both his hands
Cigar bands from dozens of cigars he
Smoked over the days and years

He handed me a new catalog of great
Items that he could receive
All he had to do was mail in some of
Those bands to Tampa Nugget

As I child, I thought how lucky it was
To be Pop and get free gifts
I even offered to start smoking them
So that I could win something

Pop patted me on the head and told me
To get on outside and play
But, I lingered long enough to get a
Good look at that catalog

I think about that old box of cigar
Bands every once in awhile
Wondering what Pop bought over the years as
It got too full to close

The real truth is - Pop was a lot like
That ol’ box of cigar bands
Wishes and dreams were right there at his finger
Tips to do with as he pleased

Just maybe that box was filled with more than
I realized way back then
Shared grins and whispers with his granddaughter
Could have kept it more than full

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