Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Flim-Flam Man

He says all the right things and makes you smile
He's looking for help with hat in hand
Talks up the fact that he knows a few things
Asks for aid where others would not

Such lengthy conversations he offers up
It's tough not to appreciate his thoughts
He's done his homework as some would say
Knows the right heart-strings to tug gently

Who to trust in this ever-changing world?
Just because he said it's true, is it?
He even mentions a name that you know
A town and a road. He's good.

A door is opened and the deal is done
He gets what he wants and more
Scratching deep into the annals of time
Twisting words and making his own

Gone to take on the next grand prospect
With new words and dirty deeds
The smile of the strange will kill again
As he gathers his fool collection

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