Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blur of Impressions

You don’t require much of me at all
I don’t need a brain
In fact, it’s perfectly acceptable
If I don’t even move

No searches deep into my morals
Just show up, you say
Then, I must feast on your banquet
Telling those who ask

You, in turn, leave your brand
Slogans of evil or fun
That will stick in my head so much
That I sing them often

Believing that what I say is true
Yet never thinking
I repeat because I heard it
You told me everything

There in that colorful box in my room
You spread society
I learn, repeat and come back for more
I have no useful brain

When will I ever wake up to find
There is a way to stop
I will move and be myself again
I can turn the TV off

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1 comment:

BUZZ CREEK said...

It is like a drug. I sometimes pass close aboard to the great "ship of dreams" and catch just enough to plunge me into a chair. "I'll watch for just a minute" - I say. Hours later, my day is ruined and the time of life within me is stolen, never to be recovered. I must kill this thing.