Saturday, June 30, 2007


Sorting through all of my laundry today
I suddenly realized
There were memories gathering around me
Dancing brilliantly on the clothes

A shirt that needed starch for Grandpa Joe
He wore one almost every day
And, Dad’s short sleeve dress shirt was there too
He loved them in the hot weather

Ah! Mema’s apron is on the pile there
I smell her biscuits cookin’ too
Aunt Mary’s skirt with stitched decorations
As she sits at the piano

My favorite dress of Mama’s comes to call
Chanel Number Five wafts around me
And, I think of that dress and how she looked
On the arm of my Dad that night

There’s that tight pair of jeans from high school days
Boy, did I think I looked good then
A cap and gown times three join in the dance
The “Gentle” cycle for each one

The dance ends on this laundry day
Others will join in the next time
Some needing a little extra scrubbing
While most will waltz in their own style

Oops! Look at that! “DEAR” Aunt Martha’s sweater
Memories of her switch linger on
I think I’ll wash it in the HOT cycle
And, hang it on the line to dry!

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