Friday, June 08, 2007


I’ve heard that life is like a toilet seat
Sometimes it’s up and sometimes it’s down
And, every now and then you get peed on
Sometimes it even gets worse than that!

So, yesterday I decided to count
Thinking of the UP times in my life
And, without going too far back in time
I realized that I had quite a few

Then, I decided to count the DOWN times
I got a little misty for sure
And, I would imagine that most folks would
The DOWN times are known as the tough times

I won’t tell you how I chose all those times
Because my UPs may not be like yours
And, your DOWNs might be a lot different too
You know them much better than I do

So before you get caught with the seat up
At a time when you thought it was down
My advice would be to look around you
And, be happy you have a toilet!
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