Sunday, July 01, 2007


I never really like to think about my age
I plan on it happening gracefully
Time will simply go about its business as usual
And, click off the days one at a time
So, it was quite unexpected when this happened
Yeah, it’s true.. I got old recently
Some of my high school classmates had gathered
To share stories and remember when
They wrote to say that some pictures were posted
I should take a look when I have the time
I wondered if he attended this gathering
The one who took me to the prom our senior year
The football player with that evil streak
I decided to take a look just for old times sake
And, found all of these old people laughing
Who in the world are they? Do I have the wrong site?
I found his name under a picture
He looked like the star of a TV commercial
Sadly, it’s an oatmeal commercial
Oh yeah, I got very old very fast recently
Knowing Wilford Brimley took me to the prom

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