Sunday, June 24, 2007


Ophelia Jane Ogletree was pretty
Her Mama made real sure of it too
She taught her of the finer things in life
Society dinners and high tea
Ophelia Jane was seen at the grand events
Where all eyes turned to her as she walked
Her Mama told her to always smile pretty
Someone with a camera might be near
Mama taught her that Ogletree’s were fine
And, Ogletree girls never perspired
If the slightest of glistening ever happened
She would always have her silk hanky close
Her Mama helped her learn of fine jewelry
Linen and silk from far away lands
A custom made gown for every party
A gorgeous bauble around her neck
Ophelia Jane had her choice of the rich boys
Always choosing a different one too
Her calendar and dance cards were filled up
“The belle of the ball” her Mama bragged
Ophelia Jane dressed for the cotillion
The finest linen wrapped her just so
As she reached the front door where all eyes turned
“Mama! Ah’m-a glis’nin tah hell‘n back!"
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