Friday, June 29, 2007


The door swung wide as I walked inside
Curious as a dang cat
I wondered why as he caught my eye
Who would put up with all that

A cluttered place with little space
He had little room to walk
I smelled the stink which made me think
He’s watchin’ me like a hawk

I looked around and finally found
A window that was open
I caught by breath scared half to death
I’d die soon I was hopin’

He got up close his breath was gross
And, as he started to speak
I thought it wise I closed my eyes
Then felt my knees go weak

When I woke up there was a cup
Of home brew on the table
I looked around didn’t see the clown
I best go if I’m able

Outta the blue he spit his chew
I gagged at the man so vile
He wiped his face of every trace
Gave me a picket fence smile

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