Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Vision At The Old Church

Her services were planned in the old church
Where she grew us as a child
Relatives who once knew her were told
As well as the ones who cared

I walked in the front door before anyone
It was hours ahead of time
I wanted to gather my thoughts and my strength
Before others came drifting by

Reflections on my own childhood appeared
The day I tried to play the organ
Despite the fact that I knew just one song
And, “Moon River” just didn’t work

A cleared throat on the other side of church
Grabbed me back to reality
I looked over and saw someone stand up
And, she headed right toward me

“I’ve been told I look a lot like your Mom”
I tried to stand but I couldn’t
“We are second cousins and weren’t real close”
“But, I know she was a good soul”

I think I smiled and nodded my head at her
“You.. you…you do. You look a lot…”
She said she hoped she didn’t bother me
She wouldn’t be at the service

Then, she walked toward the back of the church
I watched every step that she took
A cousin or a vision or wishful thinking
She disappeared in the bright sun
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