Friday, June 29, 2007


She’s in my distant memory now
Sometimes it’s hard to picture her
Her looks, her manners, her clothes, her ways
Are all back there in my childhood

And, by the time I was old enough
To have any strong memories
It’s of a lady who was not well
Who was not able to spend time

So, I try to drift back to before
When she took my hand and we walked
Around her yard of tall camellias
And she told me all of their names

I see her churning butter right now
Snapping crowder peas for dinner
Which will get a drop of her pepper sauce
When we gathered at the table

Some Coca-cola mid-afternoon
With a slice of homemade pound cake
She’d spin the stories and the gossip
And, nod her head ‘cause it was true!

Don’t sass me or you’ll git the switch!
Young ladies don’t use such bad words!
You know you’re the best thing in the world!
Come give Mema some sweet sugah!

Images, words, looks.. rush back to me
Time stopped and reverted to her
I CAN see her manners, clothes and ways
Ah, yes, I remember her now.

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