Saturday, February 06, 2010


Clouds of dust hover over the dirt roads
Like a fog on a log in a bog
The heat of the day kept everyone inside
In a hole like a mole with a cold

The path to the house had weeds all around
Too excess, tangled mess, I digress
On the door of the house was a large gnome
When first seen, bluish green, sort of mean

As I walked up the steps to the front door
Man in black, heart attack, can’t go back
He looked out at me through a torn curtain
Gave a nod, this was odd, oh my gawd!

As the door opened, I thought I was dead
Like a bug, in a rug, he’s a thug!
He pointed to a chair for me to sit
Like a dope on a rope there’s no hope

I politely handed him a flyer
Can he read? Should I plead? Will I bleed?
The smile on his face helped my heart restart
Not too bad, I’m not had I might add

I asked him if he liked pretty pictures
That was dumb! Where’s his gun? I must run!
Then, quickly added.. “..with poetry too!”
Into rhymes? Not this slime! I’ll buy time

“You see, it’s pretty pictures of snowfall”
He stood up, so close up! I’m a shlup!
“With nice poetry and it’s even my voice!”
What a look! He’s a crook! Goose is cooked!!

He opened his wallet and gave me cash
Sweet Aunt Nell! William Tell! Ring that bell!
“I’ll buy all of your DVDs, my friend!”
I’ll be dang! What large fangs! Alarm RANGGGGG!
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