Saturday, October 03, 2009


Okay, I get it your truck needs help
You can’t fix it in spite of yourself
That doesn’t mean that you won’t keep trying
My eardrums appear to be dying!

Out my window I see you in the road
Revving that truck to the mother load
Louder and louder that engine noise goes
Any minute I’ll hear “Thar she blows!”

My opened window that once shared a breeze
Now wafts an odor of decayed cheese
Down the window goes but not all the noise
Why can’t you go golfing with the boys?

Let’s talk about gas prices, Mr.Loud
It seems a bit much for that black cloud
You can’t be that rich if you’ve got that truck
Turn it off and save yourself a buck!

Wait! What is that? I can hear myself think
And, my entire house no longer stinks!
I guess I’ll just call this my lucky day
Your wife’s home with a “bucket” buffet!
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