Sunday, June 01, 2008

We'll Be Servin' Vittles

A small print ad in an urban paper
Announced a rural wedding
“Frank and Jane are marrying Friday night
Then, we’ll be serving vittles”

I smiled at the thought of Jed Clampett’s grin
As Grannie served possum stew
“It always tastes better the second day”
I can hear Jeb’s “eee-dawgies!”

Vittles is a word most folks don’t know
Except as “tender” cat food
But, to turn one down who offers vittles
Would be considered quite rude

From black-eyed peas to biscuits with honey
Throw in a ham hock or two
Fried chicken, corn bread and sweet potatoes
And, a table just for cakes!

Vittles warms your stomach and hugs your heart
Those in the know will sure grin
Watching you earn your vittles “braggin’ rights”
As you become one of them

Pull up a chair with Jed Clampett and me
There’s always room for one more
You’ll hear the stories of home-style cooking
That serves up much more than food

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