Friday, June 30, 2006


Do you remember roman candles?
I use to love them as a kid
Every 4th of July we’d get them
And, set them off like most folks did

Fireworks weren’t illegal way back then
Got them most anywhere you looked
No one thought much about the danger
Some dry matches was all it took

I think about those roman candles
And, realize what life has done
Made me older and somewhat wiser
Perhaps taking away some fun

As the 4th comes around this July
My life might just have a new plan
Stepping out of my older routine
A Roman candle in my hand
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Buzz Creek said...

Good timing. My son, Alex (15) and his buddy and I drove over to Pennsylvania today to cross the Delaware River and look at the flood waters (It is at the North end of our County. We live at the SE end on high ground). The crest was down 10 feet from the peak of yesterday but it was definately way up there. Meanwhile, we saw the famous Pennsylvania Fireworks stores that remind me somewhat of "Three Finger Bob's" and "Earless Earle's" in Tennessee. There is a funny law in PA. They can sell fireworks to anyone except PA residents. You have to show a NJ driver's license to get them (or NY - the other border state). Now ... IN NJ it is illegal to have fireworks or use them, but nobody prosecutes so people here go to PA to buy a supply for July 4. Also, it is illegal in NJ to sell a turtle (like you got as a kid). But you can buy them in PA and bring them back. We are well protected from turtles and fireworks in NJ, but we don't enforce the border. However, I do think it won't be long before we call out the national guard to halt illegal turtle traffic and fireworks from crossing the Delaware! Ah! America. Where else?

Anonymous said...

Takes me back to when my brothers and I used to blow up everything LOL, it was a fun time, but now just a memory. Well done....Ned

superclosetnerd said...

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