Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Farmland filled with peanuts and cotton
Machines harvesting on time
It’s so great to visit Chumuckla
When the crops are in their prime!

To walk through the old cemetery
Seeing familiar names there
Wishing I could talk to so many
Hearing stories they might share

Inside Elizabeth Chapel’s walls
I still hear that organ play
Sweet Aunt Mary in her stocking feet
Played hymns while I sat and prayed.

So many memories of Chumuckla
Fill my heart and fill my mind
Made yesterday and all other days
I can feel them intertwine.

I never lived in this special place
How strange it might seem to you
That I write of my private feelings
From a distant point of view.

The commissary’s big candy case
The noise of that cotton gin
Catching a catfish at Aunt Clara’s
I can still see her sweet grin.

Growing up there must have been special
But, I still feel lucky too
I’m part of the Chumuckla “family”
Forever saying Thank You!

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Scarlet said...

I wasn't born in Chumuckla.. but, it certainly feels like that I was. My mother WAS born there and both sets of my grandparents lived there. I spent so many wonderful years visiting with family that it holds a very special place in my heart. Where IS Chumuckla? It's just north of Pensacola, Florida.. where I was born. :-)

Anonymous said...

I sure do like visiting your poems. Keep them coming

Anonymous said...

Thanks Scarlet. I hope this gets some comments from 'down home'. I can hear the music in Elizabeth Chapel too and will miss the old lady. Ivan done her wrong. But new folks will have new memories from the new chapel. Ecclesiastes 3:2

Anonymous said...

Way to go gal, outstanding, almost makes me feel like i've been there :) Ned

Jeremy Wyatt said...

Very nice. Love the comment about the noise from the cotton gin....funny how little things cast such a huge memory in your mind. Hard to understand those things unless you're from Chumuckla.....which I am ;)