Saturday, June 03, 2006


Do I take my life too casually?
Do I ignore the things that I shouldn't?
Do I walk through each day blissfully?
Just never thinking that I couldn't?
Am I naively thinking I won't die?
Or, simply figure its years away?
And, continue to put off important things
Which are very easy to delay?
What if I got hit by a truck today?
Have I done all I wanted to do?
Or, did I push it aside quietly?
Thinking of all of the time to pursue?
Can I face this reality head on?
Can I get my priorities straight?
Will I have no regrets when that truck comes?
It's a necessity that can't wait.
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Scarlet said...

Recent unexpected deaths and terminal illnesses of friends made me take a humbling look at my own life. This poem was written from that experience. It is a strong statement. But, I think it needs to be put on this Blog in hopes that others might just take a look around too. If you stopped to look at this poem, I hope you'll take the time to leave your thoughts about it in a Comment here. Thanks.

oneputt said...

As always you did a great job on this one. It made me stop and think about my "state of affairs".

Anonymous said...

WOW Very potent, I just got out of the hospital forunately the truck missed me this time. Awesome...Ned