Friday, June 16, 2006

Thoughts Of Dad

He came by the name quite innocently
His friends all loved to say it
Maybe a taunt or just for some fun
They’d find the “game” and play it!

His middle name brought about this ‘nick’
What’s funny about McGhee?
If you’ve heard an old radio show
It’s simple as it can be!

The radio show doesn’t matter
The nick is the story here
How my Dad became known as “Fibber”
Is only partially clear

I have no way of discovering
The details are what I lack
All I have is his scrapbook picture
The name “Fibber” on the back.

He probably wasn’t a liar
It was all done just for fun
My Dad, the greatest jokester of all
From his friends he was outdone

This Father’s Day brings a new question
From a picture I just found
The answer comes from my memories
And, his love that did abound

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1 comment:

Buzz Creek said...

Nice touch Scartlet. Dad's are very complicated machinery. And it can take a lifetime to discover them ... even beyond a lifetime.