Friday, June 09, 2006


Many have written about you
And, tried to tell the tale
Of what makes you strong and mighty
Of what makes you so frail.

Words by the thousands have been said
Even more done in prose
Trying to explain your beauty
The fragrance to the nose

Yet in those explanations
Words turn into such fluff
Perhaps the writer never knew
"A rose IS a rose".... is enough

Picture/Graphic from @Copyright 2006 Scarlet's Rhymes - The above and all poetry and pictures posted on this site are not to be copied or reproduced in any manner on the World Wide Web or any other published form without the written permission of the author/creator at


Scarlet said...

This particular poem and graphic is very special to me. It was created for Graphics By Tiggheart a couple of years ago. (See the website under LINKS) on the front page. She did the graphics.. I did the poetry. Recently, Tiggheart sent me all of her graphics and gave me permission to use them on this Blog. I chose this poem as the first one to use because I received the most requests to use this poem than any other I did for her. Thank you, dear Tigg!

TiggHeart said...

THANK YOU SCARLET! I can't think of another person or site that I would choose that would put my graphics to good use as you. I hope you enjoy all of them :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic to both of you, very well done, says just what it means, without all the clutter as it explains, why I sur wuz enthralled. Ned