Saturday, May 27, 2006


The phone rang late one night
I picked it up on ring number three
Before I could even say "Hello"
The voice said "You gotta help me!"
"I'm hot and I'm sweaty and I need you!"
"I can't go on this way!"
I was shocked as I sat and listened
Not knowing what to say
I must have stumbled over some words
Because the voice said "Shhhh!"
I waited to hear what was said next
I heard heavy breathing "Whoooosh"
My heart was racing a mile and hour
I said, "What do you want me to do?"
The voice siad "I'm hot .. so hot"
I knew that I had to hang up
This phone call just had to stop!
Then, the voice said in a breathy voice
"Oh baby.. this is more than I can bear!"
I said "Who the hell is this anyway?"
The voice said "Isn't this Jake's Heating and Air???"

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oneputt said...

OK That was so "clever" I never saw it coming!!:-))

Buzz Creek said...

I was all set for a 'potboiler'. You have a great talent for humor. Vic

Anonymous said...

I knew something was up and it waas good. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Your humor is unsurpassed, I loved it....Ned