Friday, May 05, 2006

Time Caught Up With Me

Time caught up with me today in such a sad way
Reflections of a childhood long since gone
Remembering the sweet innocence of those days
How I naively took it for granted.

The street in front of my house was a huge playground
I can still hear Mama at our door calling me
I didn’t want to come home while I was playing
I’d give my soul to hear her call me now.

Time takes those days away from every one of us
Our precious memories grow more so each day
Homemade ice cream in the backyard with my Daddy
Oh my how he loved to get that first taste

There are times when I remember those days and smile
This day needs to be about my sadness
Those days with my friends and family are now gone
Time caught up with me in such a sad way
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Scarlet said...

This poem was written a few years ago. I found it on the anniversary of my Dad passing away. It seemed appropriate to paste it here.