Friday, May 26, 2006


A red haired girl from the Northside
Is how it all began
A great tomboy playing softball
But, did she have a plan?
Was there a man in her future?
Did she have a big dream?
Beating the boys on the ball field
In her eye was a gleam.
Time moved along while she waited
Life was not always kind
Yet this "flower" of the Northside
Kept her nose to the grind.
There were times when she wasn't sure
That her hopes would come true
Then she crossed paths with Ronnie
The gleam in her eye grew.
There is no more "Waiting" for Ferne
The marriage is now here
And the memories I share with her
Are so perfectly clear
Raise your glass to the red haired girl
As I remember "when"
My love and my best to you both
Happy wedding my friend!

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Scarlet said...

This poem was written for my dear sweet childhood friend, Ferne. The memories we share of those days living next door to one another grow more precious with each passing year. All the best to you and Ronnie, Ferne! I love ya!

Mary Beth said...

I found this poem interesting and reminds me of a dear friend of my own. I hope one day she will find her true love and have a wedding day her own. - Mary Beth

Anonymous said...

hi there... i m samir... i m really influenced by this poem ... i write my own words in my poem after seeing your poem... love
thnx for d poem