Wednesday, April 26, 2006

When I Wasn't Lookin'

I don’t watch a lot of television these days
It just doesn’t appeal to me too much
Folks runnin’ around tryin’ to out do the other
Where in the world do they come up with such?
Do they think those people really know how to sing?
They certainly are no “idols” of mine!
And, if I wanted to watch people on an island
I think Gilligan would do me just fine
The days of a good sitcom are just about over
Now., “reality” is the new thing
Eating dirt and who knows what for a few dollars
Is suppose to make me keep watching?
The fact is I’m not in their “target demo” now
“Grandma” should be in the kitchen cookin’!
Well, if I got old it’s a big surprise to me!
Musta happened when I wasn’t lookin’!
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oneputt said...

My sentiments exactly!!

Q said...

Wale, ladybug, yesm you. As much as
you hate growing old.....thank uv the
alternative. Remember, you couldn't
even make it through the deslut er.r..r. I mean the rehab thingie. The main point is we wouldn't have poems written by you. Or life happening when you weren't looking.

Buzz Creek said...

Which explains why we have no cable or satellite TV and get all our shows from Netflix. Most are old programs or movies from way back. Though sometimes we get hooked on a new series --- you know, like Sienfeld ... that has been off the air only about 10 years or so; a fraction of a lifetime.

Barcino said...

Hey Scarlet ... right on. A lot of the new shows don't attract me. But I still laugh at lots of the oldies. Technical programs on Discovery are good alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Agree, agree, was better when you and I were in it....

Anonymous said...

You can bet it happens when your not looking ARRRRGGG!!! Oh well we all have to do it, Great , you hit it right on the head, Thanks for some reality, and I don't mean eatin dirt sis LOL Love Ned