Tuesday, July 24, 2007


My Mama rolled my hair every night
Those wire-y things with brushes
The ones that stuck holes in my head
As I tossed and turned finding less pain

Then, the big plastic rollers were there
As big as beer cans for poofyness
I felt like I was actually sitting up
When I tried to lie down in my bed

A soaking wet head full of rollers
Hoping that everything would dry
Be perfectly gorgeous in the morning
With no evidence of anything but pretty

Daddy said he couldn’t look at me
He said I looked like I was tuning in
Some radio station in Savannah
Men.. even Daddy’s .. what do they know?

Along came a glass jar of goop
Guaranteed to make things better
Put the goop on the hair and roll it
In the morning, gorgeous hair

I went through a lot of goop in my day=
My hair was always crunchy
But, that was a good thing I figured out
Guys notice when you’re Dippity- Doo’d!

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