Thursday, July 12, 2007


The shop was filled with strange things
Hanging around on the walls
Ornamental and jewelry-esk
Witches brews next to 8 balls

A spider’s web in the corner
Beads hanging from everything
My eyes were unable to blink
A creepy feeling began

She came through the door in the back
Who.. is next.. to speak.. to Portia?
The lump in my throat spoke for me
As I stepped towards her door

I sat down and saw her green eyes
Was she hungry for the money?
Or, was she seeing something there
Something to scare me about

Portia sees a poet with her
I was no longer breathing
A poet with many stories
Will you write poem for Portia?

I – I came here for my future
Can you tell me about it?
Portia knows everything, yes!
You have question for Portia?

Actually.. I have a few
Portia is busy! Speak quickly!
You have twenty-five dollars first?
I gave her the cold hard cash

Portia will not disappoint you
I stared as she told the tale
Then, walked out poorer and richer
Her web still wrapped around me

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