Thursday, April 12, 2007


Pictures from magazines scattered everywhere
Stained with pink lipstick and happy tears
A membership card from the fan club was there
Taped to the mirror on the dresser

Many nights were spent wondering about him
What he liked to do, his favorite food
Maybe he has a place he goes to on a whim
Here’s hoping he doesn’t take HER too!

There was no internet or gossip TV shows
To reveal every little detail
Days were spent waiting on the mailman to come
Bringing a new picture for the wall

Long phone calls on a bright red princess telephone
With a best friend to compare wishes
Each with a subscription to a magazine
Anxious to see next month’s issue

History shows two different sides to this story
They didn’t have much back in those days
No instant news to reveal everything “And, more!”
Down to the very private details

Back then, it was awful to just sit and guess
Of someone you knew little about
How lucky they were to have the wonderment
Of a still picture and a dream date

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