Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Hunger Sign

The catfish rose to the surface of the water
With wide mouths they begged for some more food
They could see me standing above them on the dock
To ignore them would seem pretty rude

I had my camera with me to take some pictures
Their wants weren’t going to exceed mine
They flipped in the water to make sure I noticed
How could I ignore their hunger sign?

I saw the food was handy so I threw in some
Dozens of mouths fought for every bit
The more they scrambled the more I wanted to feed
But, I also knew that I had to quit

The picture really was the thing I was after
I had the camera on my knee
In one gentle fell swoop I reached for the darn thing
And, then watched as it fell beneath me

The catfish with wide mouths now have my camera
Capturing nice images of me
As I stood and screamed and yelled at the water
My Hunger Sign is what they did see

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