Monday, March 05, 2007

The Town Gossip

Come on ovah heah and letz chew the fat fer awhile
Ah got some pecan pie ‘n sweet tea
We’ll get to the gud stuff dreckly jes plop yoself down
Ah ain’t seen ya in a coon’s age, hun!
Mama wuz tellin’me all ‘bout that Charlene hussy
Buttah sho doan melt in her mouth
Married some yankee from up in Bawston doan ya no?
Ain't one dum enuff in the south
Oh doan git me wrong ah doan mean tah bad mouth her so
Bless her heart she is so homely
But, dang, can’t she fine a farmah with a lotta land
And make him her one and only?
Doan git me stahted on that mess with the Cahlton boys
Ah got the heebie jeebies now!
They both been rode hard and put away wet ah’mthinkin’
Aint gotta bitta sense no how!
Oh did ah tell ya ‘bout whut Miz Clara did jest lastweek?
Bless her heart ah guess she duz try
But, she sho ain’t the brahtest bulb on the Chrismus tree
She fell and skint her knee and cried
Heah’s dat pecan pie ah dun promised to ya, yontney?
Ah hate tah brag but it’s sho gud!
Dat Billy Joe Johnson sho needs killin’ now, doan he?
Pass me yo plate, hun.. if ya wud!
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