Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Night That I Got Shot

What a wonderful, exciting night
A play at our high school
Lots of auditions then rehearsals
Everyone felt so cool

It began as everyone had planned it
The scenery looked so real
The actors started the show in style
Knowing this was a big deal

Charlie forgot an important line
Sarah whispered it to him
Frank forgot to open the curtain
Things started to look grim

All in all the play was quite a hit
The crowd gave an ovation
Our little group was very proud
We caused such a sensation

Back in the hall behind the stage
Randy walked up with a gun
I thought he was kidding around
He even said this is all such fun

I said that gun is only a prop
It doesn’t really work
He looked at the gun and then at me
His face had such a smirk

How fast he put that gun to my throat
A second passed no more
And, when he pulled that trigger
I found myself on the floor

My ears were ringing from the noise
I could no longer hear
The gun was real yet fired a blank
What did I have to fear?

People quickly gathered around me
I couldn’t hear them at all
Randy dropped the gun and ran
I was propped up against the wall

My hearing came back in a little while
The burns on my neck healed
It could have been the end of it all
I learned how that might feel

I don’t remember the name of the play
I really don’t recall a lot
I only remember Randy and that gun
And, the night that I got shot

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Scarlet said...

This is a true story. I sent it around to friends a few months back and had some good reaction to it. So, I thought it should be shared here. :-)

Buzz Creek said...

Some years back an actor was playing around with a "prop" gun that was loaded with blanks. He "pretended" to shoot himself in the temple ... and the force of the wadding in the blank shell (without a bullet at all) struck him in such a way it killed him. The show he starred in was cancelled. It was a neat show - about time travel.

Buzz Creek said...

Here is the link to the info on the death of "THE VOYAGERS" TV star - John-Erik Hexum ...

Anonymous said...

I kind of figured this was a true story, because it was so well told, Congrats, you've done it again. Fantastic is all I can say.
God Bless Aces

Scarlet said...

I guess I really did nearly die, Buzz Creek! Glad it didn't happen.. who would write all of this poetry??? :-)