Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Horseback Ride


The freedom of a horseback ride
impressed me as a child..
Considering most of the rest of
my life was really quite mild.

To climb on top of a wonderful "beast"
and let the breeze just flow..
Helped me touch that freedom
that I might not ever know.

Of course, as a child I simply thought
it was great to be able to ride..
Not really giving much thought to
the pleasure I felt deep inside.

I was just at my Granddaddy's farm
enjoying some wonderful fun..
It wasn't until many years later..
that I knew what that ride had done.

Could I ride real fast and hang on tight
and not fall to the ground?
I think I might just "dare"..
since my Mama wasn't around!

It was so high up on that chestnut horse
I felt like I was a queen..
Looking out upon my family
and hoping to be "seen"!

As I look back on those days and try
to remember what my life was then..
I think of the special times in the country..
on a horse.. up high.. with a grin.

Precious days.. precious people..
precious pictures.. precious times..
The freedom of a horseback ride..
made this "little girl" feel so fine!
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Anonymous said...

GREAT WORK, Scarlet!!! Will check on your blog frequently to see what's new!


Anonymous said...

Alright, I love that one, Great job.

joan said...

It is nice to have your poems to go back and look at them. You have a lot of talent.