Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Maxie & Dusty - A Dog's Life

Hey, a dog's life can get pretty rough!
It's not all 'walks in the park' for me!
I tell you my days can get really tough
There's a lot to do.. don't you see?
I'm the first one up at dawn's early light
To get the family ready for the day!
They would never, ever get it done right
If they didn't have me in the way!
I must stand guard and watch the home
While the family goes outside
I'm not really sure where they roam
I don't always go for the ride.
Then, when they come back, it's up to me
To jump and bark and pant
To let them know how much they missed me
Ignore them? No, I can't!
Oh and there's the exercise they get
When taking me for a walk
I wonder if they appreciate me yet
Hmmm.. I sure wish I could talk!
And, as the day ends and they all go to bed
I walk around and stand guard
And, think of the last time I was fed
You see a dog's life IS really hard!
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Scarlet said...

This poem was written a couple of years ago for "Graphics By Tiggheart". It has been requested for use by several people for their personal websites. The dogs in the picture, Maxie and Dusty, are owned by my dear friend Bunny. She recently shared the picture and I was reminded of the poem. I decided to present it all here.. with the permission of Maxie, Dusty.. and, oh yes.. Bunny! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Scarlet, what a wonderful tribut to all dogs. I know Maxie and Dusty will be very happy seeing themselves on your Blog....and I am delighted with it.

SunsetnFL said...

Great poem about the dogs, and Bunny, that little addition is almost as pretty as Maxi.