Saturday, September 22, 2007


Through squinting eyes I see the blades
As I wake from a sound sleep
A big beautiful ceiling fan spins around
Pushing the warm air to cool

The blades become more and more blurred
Widening with each fine turn
Pinwheels from my childhood take shape
As I drift to and from sleep

Standing in my backyard with no shoes
That skinny stick in my hand
With a colorful spinning pinwheel
That only moves because of me

I blow and watch the colors blend
And, again to see how fast
Enraptured in the moment of bliss
Not a care in the world

Pinwheel promises of perfect days
Where life goes on forever
Time was only when the sand man called
Not thought of on a sunny day

I’ll look for that pinwheel tomorrow
When squinting eyes awaken
That little girl with the promises
I’d like to see it all again

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