Sunday, September 02, 2007


Standing knee deep in the flooded water
We were about one-hundred yards away
It seemed so strange that the frame of the pond
Had now become the size of this flood

There were fish in there but now they’re out here
Swimming free thinking their house had grown
Then, we realized that they would all soon die
As the flooding seeped into the ground

So, we herded the fish just like cowboys
Rounding up strays and heading home
The fish raced ahead just like children do
Wanting to be first back in the pond

But, where was the pond it had no borders
The fish played tag as they darted about
Our roundup was useless and we knew it
The new home for the fish was a death trap

Days later, when the water was gone
We walked the dirt road to the pond
Surprisingly water filled the road ruts
And, minnows were swimming around

We quickly gathered water filled buckets
And, scooped up handfuls of minnows
Heavy arms carried the buckets safely
Back to the pond where they were born

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