Friday, October 05, 2007


I found them with a spin of my radio dial
They were waiting with songs for me!
Jack Mock, Dusty Dan, Dale, Alan Sands, Jim Shirah
And, of course, Honest John Ferree
 They played music in a Radio Country Club
With a swimming pool for the fans
I first heard Elvis, The Supremes and Buddy Holly
When I became a Big Ape fan
 I bought records because I knew all the words
That the In-Men taught me so well
Collected their surveys and grabbed ‘Tenna Toppers
And, screamed when I heard the Ape Yell!
 They even brought the Beatles to sing in my town
Folks still talk about that day
Hurricane Dora had just brought her winds right past us
But, we heard the Beatles play!
 I think about those days when radio was fun
And, the DJs were so cool!
And, how I fell in love with all of those rock stars
When I got home from high school

It was with a spin of the dial when I found them
I've cherished them all these years
To all the alumni of W A P E
I thank you with both my ears!

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