Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Dishes

She set a fine table every year
Christmas was her favorite
The food tasted of love and comfort
Neighbors would have paid for it

She worked a whole week just baking
The cookies and pies and cakes
Her family was now accustomed
Knowing she’d do what it takes

Time moved on .. the family did too
The Christmas’s came and went
Those special cakes and homemade pies
Were put in boxes and sent

Each year she’d get out those dishes
And put them in their places
Hoping her family would make plans
And she would see their faces

Maybe next year we’ll have the time
It just won’t work for us now
But, please send us those great desserts
We love them so much .. and how!

The next year there were no desserts
She did not set the table
She breathed her last during the spring
Held on while she was able

At Christmas her family gathered
And, opened the china door
Found a note that she had written
It touched them all to the core

Take these dishes and remember
All the food that we did share
The love and comfort I put here
I was happy to prepare

Merry Christmas to you always
Hold tight to these fine dishes
Think of times that were forgotten
And, you’ll fulfill my wishes

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