Wednesday, August 30, 2006


What style is this that I write in prose
Someone smarter surely knows
Does it show my talent the best way
Should I try another way?

Oh, right there! I used the "way" word twice
Oh good grief.. what rhymes with twice?
I doubt I'll ever know all the rules
I'll be the poetry "fool"

There will be no "acting" on my part
I only write from my heart
Well, I use my brain and some fingers
Oh no! What rhymes with fingers?

What style is that that I write in prose
Wait there's an itch on my nose!
I guess it's best that I end this now
Would someone please tell me how??

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Anonymous said...

You have the gift, keep up the amazing work, I am an ardent fan and am pleased to recieve your work.
Hugssssss Ned