Monday, September 04, 2006


Don't you just hate it this time of the year
When the Yankees start callin' to bend your ear
"Oh, it's so cool here.. it feels like Fall!"
And, you just wish they hadn't called at all?!

I looked at my thermometer right quick
Before I slammed the phone down with a click
Told him our temp was about ninety three
I could hear the laugh he was givin' me!

I said it was "fine" that he thought of Fall
I thanked him kindly for making the call
The fact is it's still summer most places
We're still gettin' suntans on our faces!

He was still laughing when he said goodbye
I'll remember this when winter is nigh
I'll call HIM to tell him it feels like Fall!!
He'll be out shovelin' and won't know that I called!

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Anonymous said...

Yes it's cool up north, it feels quite nice,
We won't see the 80s till after we've seen some ice,
I'm sure you're jealous about our daytime weather,
Remind me to mention it during our next get together.

Anonymous said...

Fact is. . . I can feel and smell fall in the air :)

Anonymous said...

Great!!! You are the wizard and caught the season just right.
Hugsssssss Ned