Saturday, August 05, 2006

One... Mississippi...

"One Mississippi" I begin to count
As a thunderstorm gathers 'round about!
"Two Mississippi" as I hold my breath
Each clap of thunder scares me half to death
"Three Mississippi" brings a big loud crash!
Into the closet I quickly dash!
"One Mississippi" as I slam the door
I move around boxes on the dark floor
"Two Mississippi" the rain is pounding
I don't like the way this storm is sounding
"Three Mississippi" I cover my ears
No noise this time.. is it not quite as near?
"Four Mississippi" please let me make five
Come on Mother Nature help me survive
"Five Mississippi" I'm happy to say
Means this thunderstorm is done for the day
One Mississippi use to be child's play
To ease those fears counting the miles away
Ten Mississippi is what I shoot for
Thunderstorms don't scare me much any more!
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Anonymous said...

Good one Scarlet...yes, I remember counting that way was scary then. But as you said, I'm not afraid any more....of the thunder. It's the lightning that worries me!!

Buzz Creek said...

Great lines. Its a memory for sure!

Anonymous said...

Dang things still scare me, I ususlly gets under the covers aa hides LOL, well done Ned