Sunday, July 30, 2006


The world comes to your door if ya let it
Is what Grandma use to say to me.
I guess that’s why her front porch was so full
With rocking chairs, big talkers and she.

Anything and everything was brought up
From politics to the preacher and war
She said we’d solve all of the world’s problems
Just by rocking on that wooden floor.

Folks always came a callin’ on Grandma
Her iced tea and pound cake were so fine
They went down as easy as the sunset
Straight west through that big woods fulla pines.

Nowadays folks don’t know about porches
How the world’s problems were once solved there
They’ve passed on as a sweet reflection
With my Grandma and her rocking chair.
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Scarlet said...

I originally wrote this poem for Tiggheart three or four years ago. She sent me this picture and I immediately thought of my Grandma Kimbrough's front porch. And, in less than ten minutes the poem was written. It is one of my most favorites. I hope you like it too. :-)

Anonymous said...

My congrats you have talent to make things real, excellently done.
Hugs!! Ned