Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter Memories

Memories of Easter from my childhood
Come around to visit every year.
The beautiful flowers in every yard
Makes a special mem’ry I hold dear
The dozens of eggs on the stove to boil
The dyes and wax pencils lined up
I loved searching through all of the cab’nets
To find Mama’s old chipped coffee cups
The hot vinegar and dye were added
The wire ring helped place the eggs just so
A few seconds of watching patiently
Brought forth a bounty of eggs to show
Dad, the Easter Bunny, would take each egg
All over our backyard he would hide
My friends and I would look all over the place
‘Cause the gold one had chok’lit inside!
Remembering Easter in a diff’runt way
So many colors from which to choose
Thoughts of a new dress that my Mama picked out
With brand new white patent leather shoes.
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Very good, hippity hop lol