Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Walkin’ down the street he holds his head high
Mostly because he is proud
The whole neighborhood can hear him a-comin’
‘Cause he likes to talk real loud

His chin is up and the smoke is curlin’
He is a sight for us all
Never a shirt just some low hangin’ shorts
Wrappin’ around all his gall

He refers to himself as “Stud Muffin”
Claiming five wives of his own
We never thought to ask any questions
Studdy is bad to the bone

Sometimes he sings 60’s songs
Other times he just rambles
His brain remembers another time
This one’s too tough to handle

The day I saw him shavin’ his beard
As he walked and talked and smoked
Made me spit out that gulp of ice tea
Studdy nearly made me choke

I stepped to my front porch to call him
He looked up at me and waved
“Got a kiss for Stud Muffin, Scarlet?”
Studdy had finished his shave

Yammerin’ on as he makes his rounds
He’s hopin’ we all will see
That he is quite the handsome feller
He never proved it to me

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