Sunday, October 01, 2006


What a great time of the year!
Harvest time at the pumpkin patch!
All of us are quite the same
Yet none of us ever match!

Everyone comes to see us
And, they walk around just so
To see which one is “perfect”
Then.. off to their house we go!

Sometimes kids draw on us
And, make a funny line
Or, we get a spooky face
When carved up oh so fine!

Sometimes we get made into a pie
For the family’s Sunday dinner
But, anyway you look at it
A pumpkin is a sure winner!

Yes.. follow me to the pumpkin patch
We’ll have lots of fun
You’ll be sure and pick ME out
Because I’m the cutest one!

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Anonymous said...

You are the master poet, keep it coming, I enjoy each and every addition. Hugsssssss Ned