Friday, October 27, 2006


Back home where peanuts fill the acres
Of land owned by hard workin' farmers
You'll see it grow through various stages
Until it gets 'round to pickin' time

Ah, but when those peanuts are just new formed
The farmer picks a few that are "green"
He brings them home to boil them up right fast
To make the best treat in the whole world!

Ever eaten a bag of boiled peanuts?
Don't go knockin' it until ya try!
Hot and salty and so delicious
I wish I had some with me right now

This time of the year peanuts are all gone
The fields have hay bales lined up in rows
Remnants of those peanut plants are useful
Feeding cattle through the winter's cold

Gotta love the history of a peanut!
I hope you'll remember it too
They really do "make hay" when the sun shines!
Can that be said of me and you??

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Anonymous said...

Vert nifty little poem, keep up the great work. Love Ned