Sunday, January 28, 2007


The plates sit in their special places
With silverware to the side
Except for a very special one
Which had something dear to hide

The birthday girl sat down in her place
Noticed the turned over plate
Looked at her Dad with a questioned face
He told her she’d have to wait

The whole family sat down and looked
With big faces smiling bright
Dad leaned over and whispered to her
That now the time was just right

She turned over the plate and saw it
The gift from Grandfather Joe
A shiny silver dollar was there
And, her face was all aglow

She jumped up and ran to hug his neck
And, he hugged back as he spoke
“Little girl, hold tight to this dollar”
“And, you will never be broke”

I DO hold tight to this pouch of coins
The years that are measured here
Silver dollars, Joe’s love and advice
Are now so perfectly clear

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